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Villanueva del Rio Segura Spain

Our Month in Spain – A Recap

Well, our housesitting assignment and therefore our time in Spain has come to an end. So, time for a recap! It’s been an…interesting 4 weeks with great and not so great experiences. But overall we gained a love for Spain, and the feeling that we did a great job of seeing so much in the Region of Murcia. Due to …

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Our view of Norway

Living in Norway – First Thoughts

We’ve been in living in Norway now for about 6 days now and thought I’d share our initial observations on this beautiful northern country. For those catching up, we’re here until July 16th or so on a housesitting assignment. It’s an arrangement where we stay for free in someone’s home while they’re on holiday and take care of the house …

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Holy Island Bay England

Observations on English Culture

Now that we’ve signed out of England and are in Scotland for a few days, I thought I’d give a few observations on English culture as we’ve experienced it. To our English friends – feel free to dispute or corroborate any of these claims! Even though England may not seem as foreign or different as some of the places we’ve …

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