Music in Mali

Road Music

Cue the audience participation!

We’re making a travel soundtrack and we want your suggestions.  Add them in the comments below and let us know why your song is perfect for travelers.

Here’s our starting point, in no particular order:

  • Senegal Fast Food – Amadou & Miriam
  • London Calling – The Clash
  • I Feel Like Going Home – Yo La Tengo (because we will at some point)
  • Road Bone – Willy Porter
  • Where Are You Going? – Dave Matthews

Let us know what you music you think we should tune into as we’re on the road, in a plane or walking overland.

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  1. sue
    sueDecember 21,12

    My favs to listen to when i’m traveling:

    1. Time of your life – Green Day
    2. Half the world away – Oasis
    3. Beautiful Day-U2
    4. Road trippin-red Hot Chili Peppers
    5. Where it’s at – Beck

    • Jess
      JessDecember 22,12

      Thanks Sue! These are great recommendations! – Jess

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