New Portland Mural

Reconstructing Life After Travel

Putting the pieces back in place.

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Springfield Illinois

American Re-Entry

Sometimes it's a shock to return to your home country.

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Art Overseas part 2

Art Overseas: Part 2

The UK, Norway, Spain and Italy

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Nightime Blue Mosque

A Layover in Istanbul

A recap of our short time between Italy and returning to the States.

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Art Overseas Part 1

Art Overseas: Part 1

Belgium, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco and France

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Light over Todi

Closing this Chapter

Finding fulfillment to the point of 'enough' with a wonderful journey.

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Jess and the Rooster

High Heels vs Chickens

Thinking about the many kinds of life we can lead

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Travel, Culture and the Pursuit of Inspiration

View of Rome

A Quick Trip to Rome

You may be wondering why these posts are always about a ‘quick trip.’ 2 days in Barcelona here, 2 days in Frankfurt there, 1 day in Nice, and now only 2 quick days in Rome. Why spend so little time in these magnificent places? I’m beginning to ask myself that too. But simply, at this stage in the game, it’s …

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2 days in Frankfurt

As some of you may know Jess and I did our first real solo traveling just a few days ago, she in Spain and France, and myself in Frankfurt. Since Jess is so good about writing about our experiences, I figure I was the only one in Frankfurt so the job this time is up to me. The main reason …

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St Tropez old port

Budget Travel on the French Riviera

Last post on France, I promise. I’m just feeling particularly prolific and I already know that there were be so much to talk about once we get out and about in Rome. I just couldn’t skip telling you all about visiting the French Riviera could I? Especially not when I’m sure I was the only person on the entire Cote …

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Soiree Noir Lido Toulon

(French) Words with Friends

No, I’m not talking about the extremely popular app/game that so many people play. I’m talking about spending time speaking enormous amounts of a second language with new friends and how speaking foreign words with friends can be intimidating, but offer great experiences and cultural insight if you can get past the fear of sounding like a buffoon. I think …

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Nice Opera Beach

Reflections on Being in France (again)

I’m once again saying goodbye (for now I hope) to France. Each trip here is different and while walking around the old town of Nice in search of late night food I had a few thoughts on my upcoming departure and recent stint here. I Love Speaking French I do. It’s empowering to speak a different language, and getting to …

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Barcelona from Mont Juic

2 Days in Barcelona

What a whirlwind! I arrived in Toulon, France on Friday night after 2 days in Barcelona. Is 2 days enough to do that city justice? Absolutely not. Did I give it a good go? Hell yes. Would I ever want to go back to Barcelona? Are you crazy for asking such a silly question?? Ok, I guess I asked that …

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