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Hackers are uninspiring

Hi folks, Sorry about the spam posts. No, I haven’t decided to pursue travel, culture and inspiration through nonsensical posts about form writing. Yes, I’m aware my blog has been hacked and yes I’m trying to figure out why! Apparently there’s a bigger issue than changing the passwords. I’m also trying to figure out how to make it not automatically …

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2 days in Frankfurt

As some of you may know Jess and I did our first real solo traveling just a few days ago, she in Spain and France, and myself in Frankfurt. Since Jess is so good about writing about our experiences, I figure I was the only one in Frankfurt so the job this time is up to me. The main reason …

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When they honk, don’t be offended

After two weeks in Senegal I have come to the following conclusion about West Africa: What makes the most sense is less important than the illusion of order. Put another way, you cannot simply walk from point A to point B; you can wait, change rooms, wait again, and then travel through points C, D, E, F before having your …

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We have internet!!!!

We arrived in Mali at like 1:30 AM, de-boarded the plane and then took a bus maybe 50 feet to the terminal; yes, 50 feet. Why could we not have walked the 50 feet instead of queuing for a bus?…no idea, that’s Africa.  This was an apt introduction to a concept that you just need to get used to in …

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