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2013 Lessons Learned/Favorite Moments

Yes, I know that it’s a week into 2014 and I’m stuck in the past, but forgive me. It was an adventurous year, so I’d rather be a bit late in reflecting before properly moving on to anticipate whatever 2014 has to bring. So I’m taking a moment to reflect on some lessons learned and some of my favorite moments. …

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Portland Mural

Reconstructing Life After Travel

I’ve learned a big lesson since returning to the US after 10 months of travel overseas: reconstructing your life after travel is a lot harder than deconstructing it before leaving. There’s something liberating about grasping the idea and belief that if you’re willing to take the risk and let go of your material stuff, your job and your home, which …

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Holiday Fireflies

Seeking Holiday Fireflies

It’s Christmas Eve, and although I myself do not identify as Christian, my family has always celebrated Christmas (and Hannukah – both sides represent!) and so I wanted to extend my warmest wishes for a holiday season to all. Whatever holiday you celebrate (or don’t), often this time can be one of joy, warmth, inspiration and giving. We can also …

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Springfield, Illinois

American Re-Entry

For those of you who thought that just because we were stateside we’d stop writing, sorry but here I am. Plus, the return home after a long journey is generally a topic that is often overlooked I think – we’re mostly focused on the leaving. I also have had several suggestions that I should just keep writing as though I’m …

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Trevi Fountain

Last night in Italy. Last nights overseas.

We haven’t really spent much time thinking about our ‘last night’ in many places (except in Norway when we spent an exceptionally long time enjoying the sauna); but tonight is a special ‘last night.’ It’s our last night in Europe. Our last day and night before we begin the multi-day journey back to the Pacific Northwest, our home. We’ve been …

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Art Overseas

Art Overseas: Part 1

These two posts (this one and the one to follow) are long overdue for me, and as it is, they are completely inadequate as far as even beginning to skim the surface of the depth and breadth of cultural and creative expression we’ve experienced over the last 10 months. But just as at home, there is art overseas, art everywhere, …

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