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Wine, Ducks and Camp

These are the things that occupy our minds most days in France. Apologies for the lack of writing, camp keeps us busy! Wine As previously mentioned, and as you probably have assumed, there’s a lot of wine in France. We like it and it’s incredibly cheap. Generally we can give 10 euro to someone making a run to a grocery …

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Four days off has offered a nice break from the long days of kid-dom and allowed us to finally see a bit of France. Observations? Yes I have them. Lyon Our first full day off from camp took us to France’s second largest city (ok, I thought Marseille had that title, will check) of Lyon, situated on the Rhone and …

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First few free days in France

Jess and I are finally free to explore a bit of France due to a break in our American village jobs! France is beautiful, it is hard to deny. So far we have seen a small bit of Marseille, a good portion of Vienne, a little bit of Lyon, and are working on Aix-en-Provance. While the architecture is amazing and …

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Camp: Not for the weak-hearted

Weekly post here, phew I think I’m three for three, woohoo! Jon and I officially have 1 week of camp under our belts and are preparing to greet a new group of kiddos tomorrow. It’s been an exhausting, exhilarating and exciting experience (like my string of E’s?? yeah, I’m tired). For those just tuning in, Jon and I have camp …

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Weekly Fireflies – Vienne France

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I realized that earlier today as I was coloring a poster (more on why I was doing that below), and thought – wow it’s mid March, my concept of time has really changed. En France? We arrived in France a little less than a week ago, and (poor Jon, who’s never been here) could not have …

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Weekly Fireflies – Essouira

I know I just posted a couple of days ago, but I am going to make an effort to post weekly, so here goes. Catching up! Essaouira I-swear-a it’s a good place (hehe, I love turning city names into phrases). This laid back beach town is a craft-lovers dreamscape. It seems everyone is an artist in their own right – …

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