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Market Street in Napoli

Ahh…Napoli, i.e. Naples doesn’t care what you think!

Naples is not the first place you think of going when you hit Italy, or the second, third, fourth, or maybe even fifth; hell, many people would see all of Northern Italy before hitting Italy’s red-headed step-child of a city (I mean this most affectionately). Well I’m here to tell you that if your 2-3 week trip in Italy does …

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Foligno Festival Cheese

Umbria baby!

So it has as usual been quite awhile since I posted…what can I tell you, I’m lazy. Jess and I have been in Umbria for 3 weeks now and I can tell you, it is pretty cool. For one, it is old; I mean really old. Everything around you has the better part of 3-4 centuries on it and some …

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2 days in Frankfurt

As some of you may know Jess and I did our first real solo traveling just a few days ago, she in Spain and France, and myself in Frankfurt. Since Jess is so good about writing about our experiences, I figure I was the only one in Frankfurt so the job this time is up to me. The main reason …

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Whole Pig Edinburgh

When you rule the world…shouldn’t you get their food?

It has been awhile since I wrote a food post and after a month in England, I think it is about time. There are those who would have you believe that English food sucks, and they’re kinda right to a point; but the ever growing number of Michelin stars points in the other direction. However, I can’t afford to eat …

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My medical moments

  A warning: This all sounds pretty horrible and much of it actually was, but I’m feeling fine now and I think I’ve learned where to be careful in the future. I’m hopeful that I am on the mend for a long while and would like to note that my circumstances were a little extreme and I’ve learned a great …

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Flavor of the day…PORK!

It has been a while since I wrote a strictly food blog so I thought I would get something down. As the title of this post would lead you to believe, France is a pork kinda place. Pork is second only to the ever delicious Fois Gras in my esteem. Besides all of the various cuts and preparations of the …

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