In 2011 my husband, Jon, and I decided to take a 2-month trip to West Africa, we planned, we budgeted, but all the places we wanted to see, and all the things we wanted to do just didn’t fit into 2 months. So when it came time in mid-2012 to tell our employers that we were requesting a leave of absence for the trip, it wasn’t such a bad thing that Jon’s employer didn’t guarantee his position upon return.

We decided, “well, maybe we should just keep going? What’s the worst that can happen? We run out of money and come home.” And so here we are, vagabonding around with no agenda, no itinerary, and the whole world to see.

Why Fireflies? It so happens that we are both fascinated by lightningbugs. I mean, what’s not to love about them? The thing is, we don’t have them in the Pacific Northwest, but both of us wish we would come across them. And, so we’re setting out, not just to find real, flying bugs that have lightbulbs for butts (because we could just go to Iowa to do that). But to seek and find the things that bring us light and inspiration. We love food, we love nature, we love art and we love new experiences.

It’s a cultural artventure of grandiose proportions. Join us, and tell us what you seek.

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  1. Philip
    PhilipJanuary 19,15

    I love this!!! You guys are so cool!!!

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