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Newcastle & Castle Keep

Newcastle’s Castle Keep

A visit to the Castle Keep in Newcastle, England shows you the inside of the castle as well as sweeping views of the city.

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Whole Pig Edinburgh

When you rule the world…shouldn’t you get their food?

It has been awhile since I wrote a food post and after a month in England, I think it is about time. There are those who would have you believe that English food sucks, and they’re kinda right to a point; but the ever growing number of Michelin stars points in the other direction. However, I can’t afford to eat …

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Holy Island Bay England

Observations on English Culture

Now that we’ve signed out of England and are in Scotland for a few days, I thought I’d give a few observations on English culture as we’ve experienced it. To our English friends – feel free to dispute or corroborate any of these claims! Even though England may not seem as foreign or different as some of the places we’ve …

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Newcastle Bridge City

Global Travel: Irresponsible or Growing Opportunity?

This post was written by me (Jess) with healthy input and editing from Jon. Over the last 6 months, 9-12 months really, I’ve been thinking a lot about whether the decision to sell our stuff, leave our jobs and go on the road was plain irresponsible or an attempt to live life to the fullest before it passes by.  With …

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Video: 16 Hours in York

Jon and I spent a short overnight in York – here’s what we were up to!  

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Cliffords Tower York

Touring England – Off the Beaten Path

At long last our blog is fixed and we can resume sharing stories from our travels with you. First up – touring England – off the beaten path and in places you probably wouldn’t normally go to, but are brilliant (as they say). Our time in England has been driven by 2 things – where our friends live that can …

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